Analog In, Digital Out Review

Brendan Dawes’ Analog In, Digital Out is a well put together book about interaction design. He compiles a detailed list about what he believes are the most important guidelines to follow when creating some things. For instance, Dawes discusses finding inspiration from daily life, suggests being prepared with tools at all times, explains of the power of subtlety and silence, and concludes the book with a chapter on the importance of creativity and taking risks. He does not bore readers with pages and redundant information, he simply uses pictures and concise description to explain his points. He includes several anecdotes to help demonstrate why his points are valid and he relates daily life to interaction design. Dawes also includes reference websites to further explain ideas within several chapters. These reference websites are handy for readers who are interested in performing the same tasks that Dawes mentions such as his doorbell invention, play-doh interface, and the “bookmarklet.” I appreciate how Dawes designates full pages to specific points that he already mentions within chapters, but repeats on a separate page in a large font to emphasize its importance. Readers can learn a lot about design in general from this book and the applied knowledge can really improve the design of future inventions and innovated products.


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