Augmenting My Education

After I complete the winter term, I plan on adding a minor in theatre. I feel as though most digital media majors that decide to minor in something will choose film and video or computer science, because they complement each other–it makes sense! But, theatre? Random, it seems; however, I really want to do voices in animated movies or video games. Instead of just going into acting which is not as promising as having a degree in digital media, I chose this major, because I would still fully enjoy working in this field. Digital media is so broad that I have many available options for my career.  While voice acting is my ultimate dream, working in the animation field is something I aspire to do. Never did I think I would be majoring in something like this. I planned on pre-med or biomedical engineering. But to also minor in theatre? No, never. But I am. Interesting how things work.


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