DIGM Alumni

Two Drexel alumni came into class today to discuss life after Drexel and how to be successful. Greg D’Onofrio (Digitas) & Jordan Santell (Drexel IRT) both graduated from Drexel in 2008 and have gone on using their education in their careers now. Several points that they made today will be used for my future success. They said that our broad skills will set us apart from others who specialize in one thing, so it is important to really learn everything regardless if it is something we think we may not be interested in. People with a variety of skills can be more useful in a project than someone who can only do one thing, except for in instances of working in a large firm full of a great number of people. They also talked about taking advantage of SIGGRAPH opportunities. The experience is great, you get to be around people who share the same interests. You can share ideas and get to know others and most importantly network. A lot of their discussion talked about the importance of networking. The made the point that it does not matter how good you are at what you do, if the people that matter don’t know who you are, you can’t get anywhere. Troy added that even if you are shy, you can have a whole conversation, a better one at that, if you ask someone about what they do. Just knowing that you take interest in their accomplishments will make you stick out in their memory. The two reminded us that this is a difficult field to be in, so in order to stand out we need to work really hard and do the best that we can. Those who work for what they want can get it.


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