BrainBank: Britney Spears as Cinderella


This afternoon as I searched for inspiration for an assignment in another class I came across a series of remixed Disney characters on Trendhunter.com. The series ‘DisasterLand’ by Rodolfo Laiza includes several different Disney characters depicted in a dark and controversial way. He takes another role from pop culture and combines it with a Disney character for a different view of the character. The particular image that stood out the most for me was Cinderella shaving her head. I automatically related the image to Britney Spears when she shaved her head a few years ago. I thought it was an interesting spin on the innocent Cinderella. Celebrities are always under the limelight and are supposed to be perfect all the time. Disney princesses are supposed to be perfect as well. The difference between the two is the celebrities are human and they make mistakes. Made up characters can remain perfect as long as the creator keeps them that way. So why not put a spin on things? Cinderella had a rough life, she had to deal with stress somehow. Her step sisters received all of the attention, so what better way to seek attention then to shave all of her healthy beautiful blonde hair.


One thought on “BrainBank: Britney Spears as Cinderella

  1. Good first post!

    It is an interesting thought process that has been explored in a few different avenues, from things as quick as our favorite cartoons rendered as if they were real:


    To some storytelling taking on the exact character types you mentioned in your post. Obviously Disney cited various folklore characters for many of its movies over many years, I’d suggest picking up a copy of the original run of ‘Fables’ comics if you get a chance. You can catch the synopsis here:


    Hilarious video too.

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