BrainBank: Letterheads

ImageI was in the library this afternoon killing time when I noticed design magazines across the room. I picked up the September/October 2012 issue of Communication Arts and looked through it. I came across a section of letterheads whose design amazed me. The first set was for a company called Filter. The envelope and business card were designed to look like an actually filter with several holes so that they were see through. The second set was from a company called ECHO. The theme of the set is “echoing” the word ECHO. When ECHO is mirrored and upside down it still reads ECHO. So with the letterhead cover, the back reflects the ECHO that is on the page underneath. The business card has ECHO embossed so that the back of it still reads ECHO. It was really interesting that the word ECHO could actually echo itself. Both letterheads are creative in that its name is used as the physical design of the letterhead.


One thought on “BrainBank: Letterheads

  1. Highly recommend keeping up to date with Communication Arts.

    It may be the most widely sourced and read publication in the greater design community.

    Alternatively, and certainly to gain other perspectives, pop into a Barnes and Noble and read Print, Computer Arts, and other design publications. I’d urge you to even venture into Dwell, Architectural Digest and others that branch off into other design fields. Full spectrum creativity is key.

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