BrainBank: A Chair with a Message

Today I went to George W. Childs Elementary School in South Philly to mentor for U.S. Dream Academy. While I walked some of the girls down the hallway, I saw three painted wooden chairs. Chairs function as seats for one to sit. These chairs shared messages for the students. One in particular was painted like the earth and said on it to recycle. People would be drawn to these chairs because they are unique. The chairs now serve two purposes: to set a place for one to sit and to share a message. As I observed, I began to think about a room full of furniture that also tell a story through images. It could become something like a fairytale.


One thought on “BrainBank: A Chair with a Message

  1. I’d really like you to explore this further.

    It sounds morbid, and isn’t the avenue you should necessarily explore, but if you think about a retirement home. These people are in their older years and have a huge bank of experience that is essentially forced into a small studio/1 bdrm apartment. What do they take? What do they leave? What is displayed? How is that room, even without them in it, able to tell a story more rich than any someone in their 20’s can?

    You can tell an entire story, as you’ve tapped here, through a single article.

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