BrainBank: The Newmanity

I went to church this morning at Epiphany Fellowship in North Philadelphia and on the projection screen was this image of the head pastor’s new series called the Newmanity. This series explores biblical manhood and teaches what the Bible says a man should be. The title “Newmanity” is a play on words taken from humanity. Since the series is aimed at restoring manhood in our community, the idea of newmanity comes from a new group of men defined by the Bible and not by society. The title of the series is catchy and truly defines its purpose. The accompanying picture also adds to the idea of being a new man being that it is white as if the man is coming out of nothing. I believe that the title and image are a strong representation of the series and because of its creativity will draw people to want to know more about it.


One thought on “BrainBank: The Newmanity

  1. and what of the idea itself?

    You’ve got a grasp on the concept and the way the concept was executed creatively, but what of the actual idea?

    It doesn’t have to be a dissertation on religion but what prompted it? Is this something that has manifested out of the society of that neighborhood? This city? This country? Humanity? Would this concept have been necessary or as important and relevant 10 years ago? 50? 200?

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