BrainBank: School Mural

Today I was walking to class and I walked past a mural on the side of University City High School that really caught my attention. The school looks like any urban school, not very welcoming and surrounded by litter. But the mural stood out. Color changes things.  Bright colors can make someone happier. While that school looks depressing, that small section provides a little hope of happiness. Knowing how many schools in urban areas are run,  the school probably is not the most positive place for students, but something as simple as color can make the school seem happier. Sometimes appearance can start change. To someone, the mural may just be scribble on the wall, but for someone else that may be the only optimistic thing they see everyday. Color is a beautiful thing. The use of color on any design can change its meaning and its impact on its viewer. I then realized that I should not overlook the power of color. 


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