BrainBank: Bob Dylan Inspired Hand Drawn Typography

This morning in my Visual Communications class, my teacher was telling one of my classmates about how he should explore hand drawn typography. Then she remembered that someone posted a link on the Graphic Design facebook page about a series on hand drawn typography inspired by Bob Dylan. When the group I was working with at the moment and I scrolled through the images of his typography, we were amazed. I don’t know if I was more impressed with the amount of unique designs or the fact that it was all completed by hand.   Each picture has a concept that works extremely well with the message. They are all beautiful and do not even have color. The designer Leandro Senna
 created these as a personal project. They were simply his interpretations of the words of Bob Dylan.

“I drew with pencil, then pen after that, and can’t say I planned what I was doing–that’s why you can find stupid mistakes, wrong words, and misspellings, and why I scanned all of them to be better centered on the page,” he explains. “But I had a rule that I would never redo anything or use any digital retouching, because with 66 cards I would lose much time worrying.”

It is interesting to see how something like a simple lyric can be made into a beautiful project. And sometimes our best creations are the things we don’t plan. There is a sense of honesty and freedom with personal projects. There are no rules, no boundaries, and you can’t be wrong. Yes, there are lyrical mistakes and misspellings in his piece, but those things have no significance in the overall result. Honestly, him keeping the project as is makes it much more interesting. Flaws bring a sense of realness to anything.

Nowadays, we rely so heavily on technology, and we often miss out on the simple things. My friend who goes to school in Florida sends me letters in the mail. Receiving something that she took the time to write with her hand means much more than a quick text message. I keep all of her letters and postcards in a special place. Text messages get deleted and become a distant memory.

I should apply this to my designs and stop relying so much on computers. Yes, computer programs can make things precise, but computer programs cannot emit the personal connection one has on something that he or she made with his or her hands.

The link to the article: http://www.fastcodesign.com/1670896/bob-dylans-genius-inspires-a-sprawling-experiment-in-hand-drawn-type?partner=newsletter#3


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