InClass: Freedom Fountain

Water Fountain

  • six center holes in the drain
  • symmetrical
  • metal
  • slightly curved
  • floats in space
  • no body
  • button underneath
  • thin
  • wet
  • round
  • lightweight
  • about  foot in diameter
  • water bottle attachment
  • smooth
  • sleek
  • gray
  • sturdy
  • minimalistic
  • low
  • minimal water

Freedom Fountain is an action film starring Zoe Saldana as Crystal Hansen. Crystal is overworked, stressed, and tired of the life she is living. She is too busy to have fun and desires much more. After changing jobs to a haunted building, she starts to give up on any excitement in life. After a rough meeting, Crystal breaks down and goes to get a drink of water at the water fountain. When one of her tears fall into the fountain and drips down the drain, so does she. Freedom Fountain follows Crystal’s adventures through time and throughout the world. Crystal yearned for adventure, but was this what she had in mind?


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