InClass: It’s like… um… I mean…

My favorite smell is my grandmother’s old perfume that she gave me. Everytime I would visit my grandparents, my sister and I would always go to my grandmother’s dresser and smell every single bottle of perfume on her metal platter. There was one in particular that I absolutely adored. I knew I was too young to wear it then, but I could imagine being older, dressed elegantly and wearing the perfume. When I was old enough, my grandmother gave it to me. I realize now that it is a very old-fashioned scent. Contemporary perfumes possess a certain style, so if Im just going out to dinner or to an event, I will wear something else. But my grandmother’s perfume has a certain elegance. I save that for very special occassions. The scent reminds me of women in the early 1900s. It makes me think of how feminine they were. There was a certain beauty these women had.  Women had to be appealing and this scent captures it. Times have changed and women are not required to be so feminine. I am not a very feminine girl, but when I want to be, that perfume is perfect and makes me feel that way.


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