BrainBank: Broken Masterpieces

I was walking home from campus this afternoon, when I walked by a broken window covered with duct tape. I observed for a bit and thought about how bad it looked. I completely understand makeshift fixing if one does not have the time or money to fix something properly. But so many things could have been done instead to make it look presentable or to even make it look cooler than before.

Recycling is useful. I have countless things that were intended for one function but I use for another. I build a lot of my own stuff and create things out of other things. Design 3 is a great example of how I make do with what I have. The entire term I refused to buy material, except for a wood project, and used scraps from previous projects of mine or my designer friends. The material restraints actually made the class more fun for me.

The owner of this window could have used duct tape on the whole window. He or she could have made an interesting design with it. He or she could have used something else to fill the space, considering no one can look through the window anymore anyways. But the rush job of the duct tape just looks bad.

Breaking something is not always a bad thing because it can create something else. Turning a bad situation into good is one of the best things in life. I would’ve had a great job trying to use my resources to make something good out of the broken window. And most likely it would not cost me anything to do it.


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