BrainBank: Boy Bodega

Today, my friends and I discussed our feelings towards having relationships. My friend used the analogy of a relationship status being like a grocery store.

“Yeah, you’re shelves are full, but we need to stock up. It’s like a grocery store. Different aisles for different needs. But our shelves are looking a little empty. We don’t have a whole grocery store just a little bodega- a boy bodega.”

Analogies are interesting. I like to find connections between things that literally do not relate. But once that connection is made, the analogy can grow.

The conversation started with one of my friends talking about how she wants to meet new people to learn more about what she wants in a boyfriend. I agreed with her, saying that if we limit ourselves to what we know, we will have the same results every time and we will never grow as people. My other friend felt a bit left out because she is already in a relationship. Then the quote followed.

Although this was a basic conversation, the concept was really interesting to me. A person is hungry and goes to the store. That person has a variety of things to choose from. Ready-made food, frozen food, healthy food, junk food, international food, store-brand, etc. People fit into categories as well. Junk food tastes good but isn’t healthy, just like some people are fun to hang out with every once in a while, but should never be substituted for a meal. Healthy food may be good for your body but isn’t always tasty, just like there are people who are good people but are not that interesting to talk to. The best meals though are home-made, mixed with different ingredients found throughout the store, and made to your personal liking. But in order to find the right ingredients, one must implement the trial and error method. Although this will take time and may result in having bad dinners, a person will have different meals to compare the best meal too and will appreciate how good it tastes. It may take a person a few tries in finding the right person, but the process means trying different things.

Viewing relationships and dating with this analogy actually made the conversation and following conversations about the same topic much more fun. Its now going to be a ongoing joke or code when we don’t want prospective “dinners” to know that they might be considered.


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