BrainBank: Uncle Ben

Last night on my way back from First Friday, my friend texted me this meme:

When I saw this, I busted out laughing. I probably looked a little dumb, because I was on the platform waiting for the subway, but I couldn’t help myself. My friend that sent it, sent the text in a group message between me, him, and another girl. Him and I thought it was hilarious but my other friend did not think so.

Damion told her that she didn’t understand it or else she would think it was funny. And she agreed that she did not understand.

That brought me to the realization that if the intended audience does not understand the concept, it is not successful. Yes, that is an obvious statement, but when being creative it is important to think about that.

For the viewer who does not know the story of Spiderman, this meme just looks like Donald Duck is giving Spiderman rice. Nothing special about it. I guess someone might think it’s weird that Donald Duck and Spiderman are hanging out or the viewer might just find humor in the spelling and grammar. However this meme uses a particular brand of rice “Uncle Ben” which is also the name of Spiderman’s uncle who was killed in the Spiderman series. The humor of the meme was in fact Donald Duck’s insensitivity to Spiderman’s uncle’s death by his choice of rice.

Finding a link between two separate things can lead to successful creations. The simple fact that the rice brand was called “Uncle Ben” led someone to create this whole concept. One idea led to another. Whoever created this could have kept going and continued the conversation between the characters. The author probably could make a series between other random characters if he or she wanted to by finding a link between something in the story and an outside concept. One idea can jumpstart another. One link can create a whole series.


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