BrainBank: Fun Flavors

Today I went to Walmart with my friend and while we waited in line, he picked up several snacks. I was never one to get caught up by the snack deals as you wait, so I never pay attention to what is available. This time I looked. Combos caught my eye.

There was a flavor of Combos called Jalapeno Cheddar Tortilla. To me, that sounds like the two individual flavors would blend correctly because they blend in nachos. However, when a person first developed the idea of combining flavor, I wonder how the idea was accepted.

Maybe someone thought it would be too spicy. Maybe someone thought those flavors should not mix.

There are so many flavors of different products. Some make sense to me while others seem weird. These summer I tried Prawn Cocktail flavored Walker’s (Lay’s) potato chips. At first, I thought that was a weird flavor, but I didn’t want to judge it before trying and miss out on something that I might like. And I did end up liking it.

Many food companies have contests about finding a new flavor of their product. Knowing how I think, I would pick ingredients that normally blend together. But what decides what should and should not go together.

One would think bacon and chocolate should never be in the same meal. The saltiness of bacon and the sweetness of chocolate actually produce something tasteful. But because we are configured to have certain opinions about things we never allow ourselves to try something new.

I love trying new foods. I am experimental when I cook and I always search for something exciting on menus. I don’t limit myself just because I’ve never tried something before. Thinking about this, I should look at design like food. I am always so open to new foods, so why not be open to new ideas? Why not mix something that isn’t typically mixed. If it tastes bad, I know not to make it again.


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