ThinkerToys: Chapter One: Original Spin

A list of all my negative thoughts about co-op interviews parallel to why those thoughts are unnecessary.

I am indifferent about the exercise; however,  I do  appreciate how I had to verbalize my feelings of doubt about a topic that is extremely important. I think about my upcoming co-op opportunity everyday and I become discouraged. Actually writing down why I should not be discouraged is different than someone else telling me. Physically writing it is also different than me telling myself in my head. When I wrote it, what I was telling myself became real. I plan to continue the extended exercise so that I really start to believe what I am telling myself.

I am the most reflective and the most honest about myself when I am laying in my bed preferably when its not well lit. I am the most comfortable that way and it’s just me. This exercise required self-reflection and honesty about my view of myself. I think being in my bed like this allowed me to pinpoint my exact feelings of doubt, so that I could really think about why I shouldn’t feel this way.


One thought on “ThinkerToys: Chapter One: Original Spin

  1. Your indifference about the exercise is natural. It can appear and feel silly to do. However, introspection and self-identification of your strengths and weaknesses is very important.

    For example, as someone who interviews candidates for both internships and jobs, I see your struggles manifest on a weekly basis. You’ve identified in this truncated form of the exercise what your weaknesses are – starting with being shy and not knowing what to say. However, you also identify your strengths VS other candidates… your knowledge of coding and production design… your dedication to your craft. So your solution to your problem becomes focusing on those strengths. Write down and rehearse (roughly) what you would say, how it makes you different and special. Once you get through all of that you’re off and running.

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