BrainBank: Unintended Results

This afternoon, I was working on a visual communications project and I needed to figure out how to implement my idea. I wanted the background of my project to mimic light and shadows. Being that I am not the best with photoshop, I googled lighting techniques. So many different techniques exist for different types of lighting. I tried one and it was not working the way I wanted it to. But I continued to play around by altering some of the steps, however still using the same general ideas. After an hour or so, I ended up creating shadows better than how I saw it in my head.

Did I do it wrong? No. I found another solution to the problem.

It’s interesting that there are a million different ways to solve a problem. Trial and error is a great method. It may take time, but if I would have never spent the time trying to find a solution, I would not have found different ways to manipulate images on Photoshop.

Sometimes, you just have to do. I could have limited myself by not trying to figure out how to make the effects I wanted because I didn’t know how to do it. But if I would have never tried, I would have never learned. We are so lucky to live in a time where we can search the internet for pretty much anything. There is no excuse for not learning something.

I knew what I wanted. I searched for an answer. I tried and tried until I was successful.

Link to tutorial: http://www.tutorialguide.net/smoke_effect_tutorial.html


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