ThinkerToys: Chapter Three: Challenges

Centering a Challenge

In what ways might I complete all of my assignments by tomorrow?

Vary the Challenge

In what manner may I finish 100% of my assignments by tomorrow?

How might I finish a total of all of my assignments by 9:00Am?

In what ways can I be done with every single project or exercise by the deadline?

In what ways can I submit all of my work in 24 hours?


How can I organize my schedule in order to finish my work this week?

What must I do to complete my assignments?

How much work do I have?

What exactly needs to be done?


How much time do I need to give each assignment?

What assignments need to be completed?

How should I organize the day?

How much time do I spend working?

How much sleep do I need?


I enjoyed this exercise, because it showed me that breaking down a problem can allow for finding solutions. A problem can be overwhelming when it stands alone, but as subparts, it makes it easier to tackle. Asking a question also allows for the full problem to be set. If the problem is clear, it is easier to look at in order to address it.

I complete this exercise first thing when I woke up. I sat at my desk in my room with natural sunlight. It is easier to get things done immediately after waking up. I have a lot of energy and in the morning I am ready to complete what I need to do in the day. This exercise was also particularly easy, because in the morning I review everything I have to get done that day and the exercise highlighted that. Now I will have a good start to my day.



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