BrainBank: The Proper Way to Wear a Hat

This morning was a complete hair struggle and I didn’t have time to fix it.

In high school, I had long straight hair, so I could just pull it into a ponytail if I didn’t feel like taking the time to make it look nice. Freshman year I had really short hair, but it was a straight so I could easily put a hat on when I was lazy. Sophomore year, I had a mohawk so I never really had hair issues. Since then I have decided to embrace the natural texture of my hair–and it was been extremely difficult to make look decent.

I have never worn my hair curly. Big curly hair is just so much work. I am lazy as it is about looking a certain way because I could care less about being the most beautiful person in the room. However, I still want to look acceptable. When the sides of my mohawk  were growing out, I cut off the middle part and had really short hair. Short curly hair is pretty easy to deal with. As it started to grow, and it was growing way too fast, I did not know what to do with it. I would google things, look at videos on youtube, talk to people, some things worked and some things didn’t.

But a day like today is bad. I ran out of time trying to fix it and had to walk to class with my hair looking how it did. As I walked, I told myself that I needed to figure out a back up plan. But I didn’t know what else I could do besides a hat, but I have too much hair to fit inside without it looking all crazy.

After class, I made it my mission to figure out what to do. Do I pin my hair down? Do I braid it? How is it  supposed to look? How am I supposed to wear the hat?

That last question was it for me. Is there really a proper way to wear a hat? I see the way other people wear it. But I have to accept the fact that my hair is different from theirs. I needed to find a way to wear the hat that looked acceptable as well as suited my particular situation. After trying to a few different things, I solved the problem. I felt extremely accomplished when I made it work.

It seems like something so little, but to me, it is going to save me a lot of time and embarrassment this fall and winter.

Natural Hair Problem #157: Solved.


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