Creativity Exercise 02


  1. middle-aged
  2. black
  3. lower-middle class
  4. alone
  5. no smile
  6. tired
  7. stagnant
  8. weary
  9. average
  10. comfortable
  11. common
  12. calm
  13. observant
  14. able-bodied
  15. blue-collar
  16. independent
  17. simple
  18. low-maintenance
  19. indifferent
  20. empty

The cold air did not matter.
Time passed, passes, and will pass. And he remains.
Waiting. Waiting.

They don’t understand. They are scared.
The madness. The voices. The stares.
The hood. His hood.

He lives and breathes it. This is home.
They avoid. They don’t understand.
He doesn’t care. He just waits.

Every passing day. Rain or shine.
Same story, different day.
Same street, same corner. He waits.

What life is this?
To wait and wait.
And for what?
Family? Love? A better life.

No. He only waits for tomorrow.

The first list I made was much more magical and unrealistic. The second list was a very real situation based on a real person. The second list also was not very positive and happy. I chose my subject because I wanted something with substance. People have stories. Every stranger that I walk by has a story to tell, but without that person telling me, I can only guess. Some people have this look of defeat on their face and I am drawn to them. I just want to comfort them. I decided to look for someone who happened to have been blending in with the environment. I wanted to bring relevance to who he was.


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