ThinkerToys: Chapter 5: False Faces

  1.  I need to stay awake in order to finish all of my work.
  2. I will fall asleep.
    I will begin to be counter productive.
    I won’t be able to think.
    My work will not come out that great.
    I am going to end up wasting more time.
    If I go to sleep now and try to finish my work in the morning, I will not wake up.
  3. Why?
  4. I will not fall asleep.
    I will be productive.
    I will be able to think.
    My work will come out great.
    I will not be wasting any time.
    If I go to sleep now and try to finish my work in the morning, I will be successful.
  5. If I stop thinking about how tired I am, I will forget.
    If I just keep working, I will produce something.
    If I just get my work done, I won’t have to worry about it in a few hours.
    I only have a little more left to complete.
  6. Keep working.
    Stay focused.
    Press forward.
    Keep writing.
    Don’t think.
    Don’t stop.
    One step at a time.

I did not fully understand the exercise, but I did my best to try to figure out what was intended. I did however like the way that I completed it. By just writing my thoughts, I was being very productive. I just kept writing and wouldn’t allow my thoughts to get in the way. Whatever idea came to my head, I wrote. There was no filter.

I completed this exercise in the Graphic Design lab alone very very late. When it comes to reading and comprehension, it becomes an impossible task last at night. I wanted to challenge myself, but I did give myself a little help by being in the bright lab where I still would be in work mode in order to concentrate. In a way, completing this at this hour helped my creative process, because when I am extremely tired I don’t have a filter. Whatever pops into my head will be expressed. Many times it will not make sense, but I’ve learned it’s better to reach too far and reel myself in than to not reach far enough. Sometimes I over think and stop myself from using an idea, but when I’m tired, every idea and thought has an opportunity.


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