BrainBank: National Constitution Center Prohibition Exhibition Tour

This morning for my environmental design class we took a tour of an exhibition in the making. It was really interesting to see the work behind exhibitions. I love going to museums and learning about different topics, so I was especially appreciative of the work that goes on behind it. It actually looked like fun to design.

It was great seeing how different industries had to work together in order to make the exhibition. There were researchers, a curator, graphic designers, industrial designers, an architect, construction workers, a project manager, a financial team, the list goes on.

This particular exhibition took four years! I could not imagine working on the same project for that long. I am sure the designers have gotten tired of looking at the same thing over and over. But I am also sure they are proud to see their work in the bigger scheme of things.

I was thoroughly impressed with how the exhibition was curated and designed. It made me want to be a part of the team behind it. My friends and I plan on going back to see it once it is completed.

The exhibition made learning about Prohibition fun. A person could just read a textbook and retain some facts about this time in history. But the exhibition throws you in there. It is interactive. You can see artifacts up close.

I may be a nerd when it comes to history, so I may be overly excited about it, but I think the exhibition is going to be amazing. I especially loved the design choices in the posters and images used.

After this tour, I am considering exhibition design as a future career path. I could use knowledge from Graphic Design, Product Design, and Digital Media in exhibition design. I am really glad I went on that tour to see first hand something that I never thought twice about.


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