BrainBank: Spell “Print”

This morning in my Typography III class, my teacher passed around old magazine that he acquired at a flea market. Most of the magazines were from the 1960s. It was crazy seeing how different print was. But the thing about one particular magazine that stood out most was the masthead. It spelled out Print. But the “i” was the image of an eye.

At first, we didn’t catch on to the creativity on the title. But when we had that “Aha!” moment, we all beamed. There were many comments about how cool it was and how creative it was.

Yet when I really think about it, what made the idea so great? The artist played with the identity of the “i.” It’s one of those things like, “I could have come up with that idea.” But we didn’t. It wasn’t that difficult of a concept, but finding that concept is the journey.

Great ideas are not that drastic and crazy. But a great idea still needs to come from somewhere. A person can’t just sit there and come up with an idea out of nowhere. It takes a lot of thinking and a process of where connections can be made. It takes a lot to come up with a good idea, but a person has to start somewhere to get the ball rolling.


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