BrainBank: Tide Commercial

While I was eating today, I had the television on and a Tide commercial came on. I don’t normally pay attention to commercials but for some reason I watched this one. Betty White was the spokesperson for Tide Vivid White. In this commercial, she is dressed in a white dress suit with pink cheetah print accents. She talks about the struggle of cleaning white clothes and all of the preparation that it entails. She makes a comment about working up a sweat at the club, which is supposed to be a humours comment considering her age.

What is significant about this corny commercial?
Easy.  The product is Tide Vivid White and the spokesperson is Betty White, both subjects are White.

Why is this commonality relevant?
Regardless if a person consciously made the connection, if the viewer knows that the spokesperson was Betty White, which most people would know considering she is a classic actress, and she was trying to make her clothes white. Our brains will make that connection and we will remember the commercial. The additional fact that she was wearing white helps as another reminder. Even those age jokes will help the viewer remember the content of the commercial.

What makes a successful commercial? Something memorable. Concept is key. What will highlight the product? What sets this particular product apart from competitors? Once the concept is developed, execution must be precise or else it can take away from the quality of the concept.

Having memorable commercials are key for companies. As important it is to have a great concept, it is just as important to make sure that the concept relates to the product. If the two are not connected, the viewer will remember the commercial as a commercial and not the commercial for X product.

While I only saw this Tide commercial once, I remember the content. Did I enjoy the commercial? Not necessarily. Do I think it was funny? No, it was rather corny actually. Will I remember the product? Definitely. All it took was whitex3 and the content of the commercial stuck. We can’t change how our brains are built. But using the knowledge of how our brains work can help with things such as advertisement, design, etc.



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