BrainBank: Fun with Bottles

This evening, I read an email from one of my product design teachers who sent images of creations made from bottles. Some were illuminated and used as lamps, some where made into animals, and some where just cut up in different ways. My favorite one was the color serpent.

First of all, I wonder what inspired this idea. What made the designer think to use bottles to build? What process did it take for the designer to know what to use to keep the bottles together? This project looked like it was a lot of fun. I wonder if it was a playful search of a design or if it was formulated before the building process began.

How do projects like this come to be? Are we just bored one day and decide to try something new? Or do we have an excess of something and try to use the material to be creative?

This project shows how “waste”‘ can be useful. While this serpent is not necessarily useful function wise it does represent how something can be created out of something unexpected.


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