BrainBank: View from the Top

I was on my way to class today when I noticed men standing on the roof on Penn Presbyterian Hospital. I don’t know what they were doing. I also didn’t know people could be up there because I have never seen anyone up there before.Then I thought about what the view might look like from their point of view.

I walk this path everyday to get to campus. I could walk the path with my eyes closed. I know what everything looks like. I know where the trees are. I know what to avoid. But I only know the path from one point of view: when I walk through it.

There could be much more to the path that I’ve never noticed if I looked at it from a different point of view. Those men could see things that I could not.

Everything in life is like that. You have your opinions and you know what you know based on your perspective. Someone else however may see things differently because they are looking at the same situation from a different angle.

This also applies with ideas. You may be set on an idea, but you can push it even further if you change the angle that you are looking at it from.


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