BrainBank: WHYNOTU

I was walking home this evening from class when a license plate caught me eye. I am surprised that I even saw it because there were no street lights where I was and I was really cold and just wanted to get home. However when I noticed it, I had to stop. The license plate said, “WHYNOTU.”

So many thoughts filled my head at that moment. What was the context of the license plate? Does the owner want me to ask myself this question? Why not me?

When I ask myself, “Why not me?” My thoughts run crazily. I look at other people and see how successful they are or how happy they seem or how goods things look for them. Why not me? If I want to be just as happy, I can be just as happy. If I want to be just as successful, I can be just as successful. I can be anything that I want to be.

This license plate is so inspiring. It basically questions the viewer as to why he or she may doubt his or herself. It questions the validity of the doubt behind something.

This combination of three simple words mean so much. I feel empowered the more I think about it. Why not me?



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