Complaint Letter

Negative News Station,

I am SICK of hearing your negative comments about my ideas. I do not have time for this foolishness. Why do you think you are the ultimate judge of life? You are not. Your opinion is irrelevant to life. Just because you don’t like my ideas doesn’t mean they aren’t the best ideas to surface this planet. You just aren’t mentally capable of understanding the goodness behind my thought process, because it hasn’t been done yet. You are so used to the knock offs and what is “normal.” The new and improved stick, not old and played out.

So I would appreciate it if you kept your comments to yourself. I am more than capable of providing negative comments about my own ideas, I don’t need additional commentary, thank you very much.

Also, you should know. No idea is a bad idea. So stop discouraging people from thinking freely and expressing themselves. If anything push them until they develop what you may think is great. Negativity only hinders the creative process and as a result, everyone loses.


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