Creativity Exercise 3

  • What was the first creative moment you remember?
    I don’t remember the first, but I do know that when I was young, I made up different worlds. I used Barbies as characters in one world, Polly Pocket in another, and Beanie Babies in the third. I had to use things around my house as props and scenery alone with my imagination.
  • Did anyone see it?
    My sister and I worked together. It was much more fun combining ideas.
  • What was your best idea?
    Deciding to follow my passion for media arts and design instead of sticking to my plan of biomedical engineering.
  • What made it great?
    Instead of spending my life doing something that I am good at, I am going to have a career that I love. I am going to be working the rest of my life and I didn’t want to be miserable doing something for the money.
  • What was your dumbest idea?
    Ignoring red flags about a particular person.
  • What made it stupid?
    I ignored serious warnings because I gave someone the benefit of the doubt and ended up hurting myself doing so.
  • What is your creative ambition?
    Figuring out how to help children to achieve their dreams despite limited means.
  • What are your creative obstacles?
    I am lacking the confidence I need to create awesome projects.
  • What are the vital steps to achieving this ambition?
    Passion, hard work, persistance, and dedication.
  • How do you begin your day?
    I sigh, look at my phone, motivate myself to get up, and then proceed to do so.
  • What are your habits?
    Seeing only good in people. Listening to music when I walk. Turning on the tv to eat. I tuck my lips in my mouth when I am uncomfortable. I look away when I am uncomfortable. Unlocking my phone to check twitter, instagram, and mail.
  • Do you have patterns?
    When I walk somewhere, I usually walk the same path. I call my mom when I walk home from class. I start my day the same and end my day the same.
  • Which artist do you most admire, and why?
    Seal. His music is deep. It makes you think. It isn’t literal. He has strong messages that I can only understand when I can relate. It’s like I need to grow in order to unlock the message behind his music.
  • What do you and this artist have in common?
    I have many layers and I don’t expose myself on the surface. You have to study me and be around me for years to being to understand me. If you aren’t ready to understand I am still easy to be around but you realize you have to dig deep to start to understand my story.
  • Who in your life regularly inspire you? How?
    My parents. My mom is my number one fan in all that I do. She is proud of me no matter what. She encourages me and reminds me how talented I am when I begin to doubt myself. My dad made a lot out of nothing. He shows me that if I work hard enough I can create the life that I want for myself. He has everything he has ever wanted and I want that for myself.
  • When confronted with superior intelligence/talent, how do you respond?
    I am so amazed and intrigued. I always want to learn more. I love knowing background stories and find out what else that person is capable of.
  • When confronted with stupidity/laziness, how do you respond?
    I ignore it. I don’t have the patience for it.
  • When you work do you love the process or the result?
    It depends on what I am working on. When there is no pressure, I like the process more than anything. When it is an assignment and I have time contraints, I prefer the result because I am glad that it is complete.
  • What is your ideal creative activity?
    I like to do a lot of things that are creative. What I enjoy most is the whatever best expresses my feelings at that particular moment. Sometimes its music or poetry, sometimes its photography or collaging. If I could mix all at once, that would be perfect.
  • What is your greatest fear?
    Going to hell.
  • What is the likelihood of the answers to the two previous questions happening?
    When I have time, so that may be never. And I am saved, so as long as my beliefs don’t change my fear is not likely to happen.
  • Which of your answers would you most like to change?
  • What is your idea of mastery?
    Being 100% satisfied with the result.
  • What is your greatest dream?
    Changing the world for the better. I want to help children and I want to provide opportunity for those who weren’t born into a situation that allows for their life situation to improve.
  • What else defines your “Creative Biology?”
    My music. My relationships. My culture. Today’s issues. My feelings.

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