BrainBank: Lost

I was scrolling through my instagram to kill time before work this afternoon and I came across this really interesting image. This girl found a spray painted stencil of the word “LOST” on a sidewalk. It was formatted to resemble Love Park’s Love sign. Her caption to the picture was “Lost in the heat of it all #miami # amsterdam #tokyo #spain”

This caption comes from Frank Ocean’s song “Lost.” Frank Ocean is a lyricist that produces very figurative and metaphorical songs.  This particular song has been interpreted to mean that the speaker is convincing his girl to leave her day job in order to live a fabulous life of drugs and money. Knowing Frank Ocean, this song probably is much more figurative than that and about something more personal. Regardless, the hook states, “Lost, lost in the heat of all, Girl I know you’re lost, lost in the thrill of it all.”

What does it mean to be lost? Is your location unknown? Is it physical or mental? If the opposite of lost is found, can you be found?

I think it is interesting that LOVE was replaced with LOST because those two words do not relate, unless one is lost in love. The graphic however does not imply that. The graphic seems to impose a rather depressing tone on an image that original has a positive feel. In reality, the only thing different form the original image are two letters. Those two letter though make a world of a difference.  Because we know the meaning behind the words, it changes what the icon now stands for.

No one wants to be lost, but everyone wants to be loved.


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