Brainbank: Hershey Height

Today, I went to Hershey Park. Every amusement park has height requirements for certain rides. The way they present the height requirements are usually the same. There is a thick line against the board: If you are taller than the line, you can ride. At Hershey Park however, they have a fun system. Different heights fit within categories of different Hershey brands.

When a person approaches a ride, there is a sign with an accompanying announcement about which Hershey brand is tall enough to ride. I remember when I was too short to ride things, I would get really upset. But grouping sizes into a category makes a person feel as though he or she belongs in something. You then know you aren’t the only person who is not tall enough. It also give a child something to look forward to. While he or she may not be a Twizzler this year, perhaps next year he or she will be.

I think presentation of information is important. With something as simple as assigning candy to height requirements, it can really change a kid’s perspective of a situation. Yes, this idea was not necessary, but I do think it was a really great idea. Simple design decisions such as this can help in small ways. The categories could help with explaining to kids why they can’t ride which could really help parents. The design also helps for these height signs to be integrated within the park.


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