BrainBank: The Silent Page

In class this morning, my teacher passed around  Emigre magazine. As I flipped through it, I stopped on a simple spread. The pages were white and only included a few words centered in black. One side said, “This page is silent.” while the opposite page said, “This silence is a mirror.”

I am assuming that these pages were originally blank pages in order for the rest of the spreads to be ordered properly. When I made a zine I realized that one of the struggles were to have a page number divisible by four in order to be saddle stitched for production. Instead of reworking the magazine or leaving the page blank, this magazine decided to be creative. It became an opportunity.

I found those pages to be intriguing. I believe that calling a page silent is a serious statement. It goes to show that words have so much power. One can fill up a page with words to say something really important. But just as a person can make a statement without words, so can a page. It makes you wonder why the page is silent.

Then to continue the spread on the other page saying that silence is a mirror really made this spread incredible. The spread says a whole lot with few words.

As I continued flipping through the magazine I came across another page statement: This page is a door. This page was different because the text took up the entire page. The font size was huge and the statement seemed to be really loud. It was basically saying to open the door you must turn the page. 

It is interesting how size and spacing can change the tone of a message. The typeface and colors were exactly the same, but those subtle differences were able to produce two completely different messages.


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