ThinkerToys: Chapter Eight: Think Bubbles

I actually thoroughly enjoyed this exercise. It was extremely helpful for another assignment. I literally sat there and wrote whatever popped into my head whether it made sense or not. It was interesting that I ended up combining words that normally I would have filtered out because it was not as related as I thought it was. But when I finished writing those separate words just stood out and I put them together like I learned to do in another exercise and I was really happy with the result. I definitely would have never come up with a title like this otherwise. It probably would have been really simple and boring.

I did this exercise alone in a classroom at night. It was kind of chilly, so I was really focused on what I needed to do in order to be able to leave. It was also very quiet so I was able to think clearly without any distractions. I can focus better in these situations. I really got lost in thought while I completed this exercise. This was definitely a great combination for me.


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