InClass: Random Objects

  1. book
  2. bridge
  3. bike
  4. bird
  5. magazine stand
  6. candle
  7. truck
  8. skateboard
  9. glass
  10. iPhone
  11. tractor
  12. glasses
  13. statue
  14. meter
  15. robot
  16. lifesaver
  17. watermelon
  18. oreos
  19. icee
  20. tire



  1. bike oreo
    Why not make the wheels of a bike to look like oreos?
  2. candle robot
    What if a robot was a candle holder or if the candle was actually a robot that is lit up internally and not with a match?
  3. glass skateboard
    Why not make a see through skateboard?
  4. iPhone statue
    What if a statue was made from the pieces of broken iPhones?
  5. tire glasses
    Glasses made from a more rubbery material to avoid breaking.
  6. truck book
    Book stands made from truck beds
  7. watermelon magazine stand
    A magazine stand build like a watermelon stand
  8. tractor bridge
    A bridge built with tractor parts
  9. bird tire
    A bird bath made from tires.
  10. icee meter
    A heat detection bracelet that lets you know when you need an icee.



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