InClass: The Stranger


I saw the Holiday Helper today. It was amazing. I didn’t believe it. As a kid, my grandparents would tell me stories about his kind deeds when holidays came around. When I found out Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy weren’t real, I lost faith in the Holiday Helper’s existence. I don’t really believe in anything anymore. The world isn’t a happy place. The only thing I can believe in is the world I create when I write. But today as I was writing in the coffee shop, this frantic older man approached me. He had fear on his face  and held nothing but a black leather bag. He set it on the table and begged for me to hold it. He knew he could trust me. He told me he would explain later. Before he ran out, he whispered in his beautiful accent, “I hope now you believe. ”
I peeked into the bag. In there was a Portuguese calendar, black boots and a pumpkin with a face drawn. That pumpkin brought a smile to my face. As I skimmed through the calendar, I learned it was supposed to bring a smile on someone else’s face too. It is true, what they say. The Holiday Helper comes around to those who need a boost during the holidays. Whether they need food, presents, decoration, or somewhere to go, he finds a way. I guess when people like me stop believing in magic, he becomes a threat. Why would someone who doesn’t know me want to help me? Why would I trust his intentions? All he wants to do is help, and they want to take that away from him, from those he helps, from me. I need to do something. He needs my help.


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