BrainBank: BLK.

I am a huge fan of Real Housewives of New Jersey. One of the housewives, Caroline Manzo, has two sons, Albie and Chris, who work under her brother, Chris Laurita, as BLK. BLK. is black water. When they first presented this idea of black water, I am sure people were skeptical. Water should be clear and clean, not black. But why? Why can’t water be black?

Since I was first exposed to this water, I have always wanted to try it. Last Friday I had a meeting with the Product Design Program Director and I saw that he had a finished bottle of BLK. I was so jealous and asked him about it. He said he was interested in how it tastes, however, according to him, it tastes like water. He showed me the product and graphic design behind the bottle. When the bottle is full, all that can be read is BLK. in white. As you drink the water black text is revealed. He was curious how I knew about it and I told him about the show and how they struggled getting stores to pick up their product. Stores were concerned that consumers would be too skeptical. Stores such as Duane Reade did have faith in the product believing that people would be really curious. It is a very creative spin on water. Who knew drinking water could be innovative?

Today, I saw the program director and he told me that he got me some to try. I am so excited. I bet there are many people like me who are curious. Can water still be water even when it’s black?

Blk. water’s dark color comes from the addition of fulvic acid produced by the biodegration of dead organic matter. Who thought of adding this matter to water? I don’t know. I am really curious as to where the solution of this idea came from. I wonder what the process was like. I wonder how many experiments, trials, and errors they went through before discovering what could make water black without changing it’s content.

If someone would have told me that they were going to create black water, I would have told them it was impossible. We are so quick to dismiss ideas, because we don’t think there is a way of achieving it. Things seem impossible because they haven’t been done before. But Blk. water is a result of working toward solving a challenge.I am sure in the process, researchers have found new discoveries related to water and its reaction to additional components.

Tomorrow I get to try the water. I cannot wait! I will see how much of a success Blk. water truly is.


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