BrainBank: Elle Varner’s “I Only Want to Give it to You”

This morning, I got up and grabbed my computer in order to write a list of the things I need to complete this weekend in order to plan out my day accordingly. I was about to close tabs in my internet browser when I clicked on the tumblr tab by accident. When it refreshed, I saw a post of this new singer Elle Varner.

I’ve heard of her and I’ve seen posts of her on tumblr, but I have never taken the time to listen to her music. I have even heard great reviews on her music and that her style is very different. So, I decided to check out one of her music videos.The music video I chose to watch was “I Only Want to Give it to You” because I realized that I have actually heard that song before. Music Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqm35nwZzi8

I am not a fan of music videos. Most music videos these days are typical. The only music videos I can appreciate are well designed ones with unique concepts. Some music videos are even too eccentric for me to enjoy because they are too weird and don’t relate to the song very well. A good music video has the perfect balance.

Many female artists today are over glamorized or over sexualized. What I appreciated most about Elle Varner’s video was the fact that she was low-key and still beautiful. She wore appropriate clothes the entire time. She didn’t look fake at all. She actually looked really comfortable and interestingly enough, her style reminds me of my own.

Record companies often change the appearance of artists to “better suit the audience.” But what record companies fail to take into account, THEY CONTROL WHAT THE AUDIENCE WANTS. The mainstream audience has no opinion. The mainstream audience just follows what is “cool.” Who establishes what is cool? The media. If the media decided that in order to be cool you had to wear black, record companies would just tell their artists to wear black and all of a sudden the mainstream audience would be doing the same thing.

The mainstream audience doesn’t appeal to sex, drugs, and money. The mainstream audience appeals to whatever they are told they like. Female artists do not have to parade around half naked in order to sell their music. If their music was promoted properly, people would listen.

Elle Varner is an excellent example of this. Her voice is amazing. She has pure musical talent. She sings R&B with a jazzy sound. She has her own distinct fashion sense. She has big curly hair. Her appearance is not like Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj etc. That is what I like about her. She doesn’t need a gimmick. Her music and her unique sense of style is all she needs. If the mainstream audience cannot appreciate that, it doesn’t matter. Like I said, the mainstream audience cannot think for themselves and really doesn’t know what music is anyways.


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