ThinkerToy: Chapter 23: Blue Roses


Anytime I asked myself a question I already knew the answer to, the answer would pop into my head before I even finished the question.

Interestingly enough, after I completed this exercise, my friends banged on my door. They tried to convince me to hang out with them later on in the evening. I told them that I wanted to stay in and do my work. For a few minutes they listed all the reasons why I should come and how I can still get all of my work done that I scheduled myself to complete this evening. I doubted them, but the more they talked, the more I was convinced to push some work to tomorrow. So I decided to use my intuition and I asked myself if I should go and before I could finish asking, “yes” just popped into my head.

While I believed that staying in was the better option of the two, I knew that as much as I told myself that I was going to get the work done, past a certain point I would become counterproductive. I also knew that if I gave myself a deadline, I would work more efficiently in order to get my work done. So as much as I wanted to be the good student by not going to hang out, the decision to go actually worked to my advantage.

However, there have been times where I was asked to hang out or go to a party and my intuition told me not to go. The one time I went against that, bad things happened. It is interesting how the same question can get different intuitive answers depending on the circumstance.

Challenge: How to Approach a Stranger
Supporting Questions: Why is it important? How do you want to do it? Who do you want to approach? How should someone approach you? How do you feel when someone approaches you?

Gentle, sweet, loving, kind, funny, confident, cute, dashing, reasonable, smile, warm, charismatic, friendly.
These words all popped into my head as I read the questions over and over. From these words there is a common theme of making a good impression. It also shows that you have to be the person that you would want someone to be when approaching you. I know me personally, it doesn’t take much to start a conversation with me, so I am guessing that if I approach the situation the same way, I would be successful.

I liked this exercise because it was one that forced me to not have a filter. By asking myself questions, I allowed my mind to wander. It was weird however to ask myself questions that I already knew the answer to because I felt as thought I wasn’t mentally allowing myself to really ask. However, when asking myself the question about hanging out with my friends, I honestly didn’t know what my intuition was going to tell me. It was interesting how there was an automatic first reaction. I feel as though my gut feeling gets lost in my logical analysis of situations. This exercise taught me to just let it be.

I completed this exercise in my room on a quiet evening when I was struggling to stay focused. I was really tired and was not in the mood to really focus. I felt as though this was going to be difficult to complete. Yet, the more I read, the more interested I got into the chapter which made it easier for me to focus. This exercise was one where I had to be focused because I had to pay attention to my natural thoughts. I need quiet in order to hear myself think. Listening to yourself this closely however is actually weird because it makes you feel as though there are two separate yous: the conscious you and the subconscious you.



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