BrainBank: Fast Food Mafia

This morning I went on Tumblr and came across a post called “The Fast Food Mafia.” My friend and I laughed as we looked at the different pictures that depicted the different faces of several fast food companies as members of the mafia.

Each character has a mafia style name. For example, Ronald McDonald was renamed “Ron the Don” McDonald. The names are representative of real infamous gang or mafia members.

When looking at the pictures, I realized that all of the characters in the post do not have smiles on their faces. The tone of each character has been made to look serious and slightly dangerous to match the mafia look.

It was interesting that fast food characters were chosen as the subject of this artistic experiment. Fast food characters are typically friendly looking in order to bring in consumers. While advertisements should only require visuals of the food, the face of the fast food company can also convince people to try their food. So to take away their friendly vibes to present a new perspective on these characters proved to be highly entertaining. Being that we are used to seeing these characters in one light, a new twist on their appearance opens our imagination to new ideas. From this point, other ideas can be explored.

The concept is actually very creative. Fast Food characters and the mafia realistically have no connections. But to find connections between the two made for fun artwork. This post reminded me of the exercise in class where we found connections between objects that are unrelated. This connections spark new ideas such as this. The more unrelated the subjects are the more interesting an idea can be that results from combining the subjects.



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