Creativity Exercise 05

Put yourself into your perfect situation.

  • no observers.
  • all the time in the world.
  • your only goal is to try new things.
  • no fear of failure.
  • no obligation other than to try.

What are the conditions of your perfect world? Which are essential, which can you work around. How far off are you from your perfect world?

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have any responsibilities. I wouldn’t have to worry about homework, money, and society. I wouldn’t have to consider anyone else’s feelings. I wouldn’t have to consider my reputation. I wouldn’t have to think about my safety. I also wouldn’t have to consider my own morals.
In this perfect world, I would try so much. I would do all the things that are not acceptable now. I would blow things up,I would wear crazy outfits, I would get so many piercings, I would frequently change my hairstyle. I would play pranks on people all of the time. I would cross boundaries. I would break into things. I would try to build things. I would graffiti everything.
I also would meet a lot of people and travel the world. I would learn new languages. I would expose myself to many different cultures. I would live among people in different places. I would try new foods. I would explore mountains, valleys, oceans. I would go to the Wonders of the World.
The things that are illegal or that would affect my reputation are not essential. The other things, I could do if I make the time for it and earn the money for it. Too many of these things require money that I don’t have or a lot of time that I cannot give.

There is so much I would do in a perfect world. But because this world isn’t perfect, there are too many limits to stop me from trying these things. However, I could bend these boundaries if I found ways. Nothing is impossible. I just would have to work hard to find solutions.

The world now is nowhere near what my perfect world would be like. The constraints that I would want to eliminate are much needed for order in society. We would all be reckless without law and religion to teach us any better. Also, half the things that I would want to do would endanger myself and others. Many of those things I would want to try are things that I wonder about because I do not realistically have the opportunity to. People want what they cant have. Certain things that are more expressive and morally unacceptable I could try, however, there are very serious consequences related to them. The consequences to me are not worth the experience of trying those things.


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