ThinkerToys: Chapter 24: The Three B’s

Benefits of Incubation: Subconscious Exercise
It was interesting how I thought of names when I would be looking at another set of initials. Also, one letter would trigger the thought of another which would lead me to think of a name.

Personal Goal:

I really liked this exercise because I agreed with it a lot. I know firsthand how relevant this concept is with any goal you’re trying to accomplish. For example, if I need an outfit, I can look at my closet then go about my day and at some point during the day, the perfect outfit will pop into my head. When I am assigned a project, I continue with things until ideas pop into my head. When I get stuck on a problem, I’ll set it aside and at some point a solution will come to me. The most interesting experiences are when I will be working on a problem for hours and I cannot solve it, then when I go to sleep at some point a solution comes to me and I’ll solve it quickly right when I wake up. Even more interesting than that, when I would have a physical challenge such as tumbling and I had a fear of how to complete it, it would come to me in a dream which allowed me to visualize what I needed to do. From that point, I could accomplish these feats.

I completed this Thinkertoy exercise in my room with the door open when my roommate was watching television. The television was very loud and quite distracting. I actually couldn’t concentrate and had to tell her to turn it down and I closed the door. It was very difficult trying to think with something else going on. My brain automatically tries to follow other sounds. So for me to be already working on multiple problems at once, that additional work takes away from my creative thinking.


One thought on “ThinkerToys: Chapter 24: The Three B’s

  1. Its interesting how you were able to interpret this exercise. At first I wasn’t entirely sure you did it ‘correctly’ but your closet example is actually the assignment in a very simple, if anecdotal, execution.

    I’d like to see the assignment done as suggested:

    1) Identify
    2) Prepare
    3) Instruct
    4) Incubate
    5) Eureka

    However, I am not really disappointed in how you completed the assignment either. Nice work.

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