BrainBank: That’s My King

This afternoon I was researching typographic animations for inspiration for my own project that I am going to complete. I came across a Christian design website that had examples of typographic animations. I watched two, but the second one I found to be really interesting. The designer, Dustin Bankord, animated the words of a powerful sermon.

The visual representation of the sermon I believe intensified the message. It gave visual meaning to what was being said. The animation itself contained the same colors and the same type face family, but used size, composition, and movement to bring life to the message.

I liked this video because it showed me how a visual representation of audio can help relay a message. It also showed me how much can be done with typography by animation. The whole video consisted of just words, yet it was still so interesting to watch. The few scale changes were enough to bring different forms into the composition so that there was a lack of repetition. The different transitions seemed to be so intricate moving the viewer’s eye from one scene to the next.

I am very much interested in motion graphics so this video was very inspiring for me. It provided ideas for me to try when completing my typographic animation. I want to bring life to words. Animating words can lead the viewer to know what is the most important idea to focus on. Animating words can help lead the viewer to understand the meaning of the message. When I watched the video, I appreciated the partnership of the visual and audio. It made understanding the message much easier. It brought more power to the message. While a person may have gotten lost or missed key points in the audio, the visual representation keeps the viewer focused to truly understand.

That’s My King by Dustin Bankord: http://vimeo.com/1916473


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