BrainBank: Skateboard Stairs

This morning in my Visual Communications class, I was researching things related to skateboarding for a group project that I am working on. On Google, I came across a stair case made out of skateboards.

This stair case is an example of how two unrelated objects can be made as one. Who would think skateboards could be steps on a staircase? Because it isn’t natural, we don’t think about it. A skateboard is a skateboard and a staircase is a staircase.

Seeing this creative combination led me to think about what other things could replace the typical step of a staircase. Even thinking as simply as the materials used to make a step could be altered. Staircases are not something we think about on a daily basis, so its innovation does not seem as important as the innovation of a cell phone or a television. But simple things like staircases leave so much room for artistic interpretation. No one said a staircase is supposed to look the way it typically does. We have just gotten so used to its basic look that we have accepted it as the ideal.

Staircases are not perfect. If they were people wouldn’t be falling down them or even up them as much as we do. Therefore, staircases can be improved. Creative attempts towards improving them can lead to cool ideas or even better a more ideal staircase.


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