BrainBank: Chicken Tape Dispensers

This evening I traveled back home to New York and on my trip home I had to go to Grand Central Station. While I was waiting for my train, I went into the store Pylones which contains cute little trinkets and interesting twists on utensils,  electronics, tools, etc. While I was looking at all of the innovative creations, I came across a tape dispenser that was shaped like a chicken.

Now, what need does anyone have to have a tape dispenser shaped as a chicken? What office would want to have that tape dispenser? This tape dispenser is not ideal, however, for people who appreciate the artistic nature of it, they might want to have it. Would I want the dispenser? Absolutely not. I am quite content with a basic one. I wouldn’t even mind a high tech dispenser as long as it blended in with my office.

I believe that the office is not made for artistic expression. Employees blend in with each other. They dress the same, they speak the same, individualism does not exist. In the office, you are part of the brand of the company. Who you are no longer matters. All that matters is what you do for the interest of the company. With all this said, there is no need for artistic expression in office supplies.

If you are a collector of things, by all means, grab this tape dispenser. Will it improve your life? Probably not. But the idea, although not necessary, puts a fun spin on the typical boring tape dispenser.


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