BrainBank: If

On my way home from church today, my friend that drives us made this comment randomly: “If I was about four inches taller, I could be in the NBA.” Now, did I think this was a true statement? No. Four inches is not enough to put him where he would need to be in order to play basketball professionally. Much more would have to be different for him to play. I told him that his whole lifestyle would have had to be different in order to be in that position. He then replied: “Yes, I would be going to the gym about three times a week.” I told him that wouldn’t be enough.

I know from experience the natural skill, the dedication, the athleticism, the training, the mentality, and the lifestyle one needs to have to have their primary focus be a sport. I know he does not possess those things. But he kept saying, if only, then. But when you look at a situation only changing one variable, you don’t realize how much one variable changes things, if that particular variable changes anything at all. He told me that he did not play basketball in high school. That variable alone knocks his already low chances even lower.

We tend to look back at situations and think “if” x would have happened “then” y would be the result. But life does not work that way. You will never know what will result from something, unless you try it.

When making creative solutions its great to think of all the possibilities. But you can’t jump to the result of the possibilities if the possibilities are never explored. A hypothesis is great, but a hypothesis is not the equivalent to the result. All possibilities, no matter how doubtful, need to be explored in order to know the true result.


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