Creativity Exercise 6


While doing a mindless chore, like washing dishes, try to become the rhythm of the process, like: scrub, wash, rinse. How many other mindless chores can you find a rhythm in? Define the chore and the rhythm.

Sweeping: Brush, brush, drag.
Putting away laundry: Open, open, insert, insert, hang, button, button, button
Making the bed: Pull, fold, up fold, pull, fold, smooth
Cleaning the counter: Up, down, circle, wipe


Study a word’s linguistic roots. Where does it take you? How far back must/can you go? What are you thinking about when you find each source? Example: TRAGEDY is derived from the greek word trages, which means goat. In anchient times goats were sacrificed to the gods. The story goes that some goats ate grape leaves in the vineyard of the gods, thus offending the deities. But eventually they stopped sacrificing their livestock and started writing plays for the gods, replacing heroes for the goats and symbolically offering them to the gods. These plays were called tragedies, after the goats.


The English word “bachelor” comes from the French word “bacheler” which means “young man.” The Latin root of the word is “baccalaris.” This word is assumed to be connected to “baccalaria” which means division of land. This could mean a bachelor was a young man who owned land. The root of “baccalaria” comes from bacca which means cow. So baccalaria may have meant cow farm.

It is interesting how the meaning of a word can change. When I think of a bachelor now, I think of a single man truly enjoying an uncommitted life. Single men hundreds of years ago married a woman to help run his household. Marriage was not about love, it was ownership, status, and appearance. Married men were not required to be loyal to their wives hundreds of years ago because they were just property. Single men now do not have to be married in order for their household to run smoothly while it was necessary to have one back then.

I can see how bachelor stemmed from cow farm, but I would have never guessed it.


Turn narcissism around and walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.. Try to see another person in your image. Then reverse it and try to see yourself in that persons image. Imagine your life if you had that persons (look/talent/wealth/etc..) and that person had yours.

Note: A person’s looks, talents, wealth, etc. plays a major role in shaping who the person is, therefore this role reversal cannot be accurate.

If I looked like this kid that I know, I would probably have lower self-esteem than I have already. If I had the ability to absorb as much information as he does in the short time frame that he does, I would apply it to so much and not just keep it to myself or randomly blurt out the information to impress people. I already use my talents to help, so I would maximize it. If I grew up in the situation he did, I would probably be as socially awkward as he is. Hopefully I would have expanded my friendship circle further than my family, but who knows. When coming to college, because it’s not in my character to put myself out there,  it probably would have taken me a long time to get to know people especially being that it would be the first time I went to school with other people. If I had the same passion for spreading the Gospel as he does, I would hope that I wouldn’t shove it down people’s throat like he does. I would hope that I would speak about it when the time was right, like I do now, however I would be able to go into more detail and share more information because he knows much more than I and lives a much more purified life than I.  I would not be anywhere as social as I am now, because the people I interact with lead a life that goes against mine and his beliefs, however if I were him, I would not be able to be around it like I am now.

If he were me, he would be more cocky than he is now, because he would have much more going for him. Girls would definitely not like him, because his cockiness would come off as “extra.” If he grew up the way I did, he would probably be really stuck up. He would be privileged living among other stuck up kids. He would have gone to school thinking he was the best and then would get shut down. He would be able to handle everything that I am already doing, except he would not be able to maintain my social life because he is too annoying. He also would not be able to work with the children that I work with because he is too analytical and does not know how to relate to young kids especially in the situation that these kids are in. He also would not be able to hang like I do, because he is not adventurous and does not know how to adapt to situations. He doesn’t have the street mentality to live the way I do and would mess up situations.


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