ThinkerToys: Chapter 27: True and False

Problem: Re-create spontaneous creative environments

Paradox: How can a planned meeting be spontaneous?

Essence: Spontaneous Meetings

Analogy: Chickens running wild

Equivalent: Have employees frequently run around throughout the day.

New idea: At random times, employees will be required to move around throughout the building and work in a different location. For example, some people will be assigned to main tables or people will be assigned to conference rooms. When forced to work in a new environment with new people, conversation is bound to happen at some point, especially when the variables are not anticipated.

I liked this exercise because it was very clear and easy to understand. It seemed as though it didn’t take a lot of thinking to develop ideas. It was interesting how something so straight forward could develop a new way of looking at the situation.

I completed this exercise at the first moment that I woke up at 6:30AM. When I woke up I was really focused, so completing this exercise was not difficult. Also, I started working on it before I went to bed so I knew what I had to do. Rest prepared my mind for the task at hand. I originally planned on completing this assignment before bed, but I was so exhausted that I knew I would become counterproductive. I don’t typically do work so early, but it worked out for me this time.


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