BrainBank: Long Distance Love

After staying up for hours doing work early in the morning, I decided to scroll through tumblr for a minute before bed. I came across a series of three pictures each with one illustrated couple. One partner was colored more realistically while the other partner was blue. At first I was really confused as to what the message was. But when I saw the caption of Long Distance Relationships, I realized what the images represented.

Having been in a long distance relationship over the past year, I understand first hand what it feels like to build and maintain from afar. You can’t have that person physically with you for special moments. You can’t see their face all the time. You can’t hold their hand or watch a movie together. Sometimes its lonely. Phone calls can’t replace a hug. It’s not the same. The best you can do is close your eyes and pretend that they are with you or hold on to the times spent together. When the distance would bother me, I would mentally replay moments we had physically together.

These images visually represent those feelings that I as well as other people in long distance relationships share. You want so bad for your partner to be there that you begin to feel them there.

I really like how the artist, Peony Yip, was able to visually represent a feeling, a strong one at that. Feelings can’t be seen or heard. I do feel as though this work strongly represents the desire to hold your loved one near. The color choice alone with the interaction between the bodies clearly sets the mood of the images. It is even more interesting how these illustrations can emotionally impact a person.


One thought on “BrainBank: Long Distance Love

  1. Very beautiful and true indeed. I have been in a couple of long distance relationships myself. But I couldn’t take it anymore. And now I’m with this perfect boy who lives only three streets away from me, and I see him almost everyday. Just then, you realize, how hard long distance relationships really are. It’s very lonely, and painful. But fair enough, the moments that you do spend together, are the best of your life. x

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