BrainBank: Voting Stickers

Today is Election Day! It is also the first time I voted. After I voted, I received a sticker that said, “Hoy Votado Hoy.” Many people today wore on their jackets stickers that said that they voted today. People posted pictures of themselves online after they voted wearing their stickers. Some people put their stickers on their laptops. These stickers were everywhere. If you didn’t have one, you missed out.

I am sure that some people that did not have a sticker felt some type of way about it. The idea that ,”Everyone else has one and I don’t,” will run through people’s heads. And those who saw the stickers but didn’t get a chance to vote at the moment want to get to the polls soon hoping to get their sticker.

But in reality, it’s just a sticker. Or is it?

These stickers represent responsibility. Responsibility to their nation as one of its citizens. It also represents being part of something. We don’t need a sticker to prove that we voted. We don’t need to prove anything. But these stickers allow us to walk down the street with a statement. I voted. I completed my civic duty to my nation. I made a difference. My voice matters.

Wearing this sticker is a quick way to get this point across. With the sticker, you don’t have to open your mouth to show what you did.

So while it’s just a sticker it remains valuable to many people. I believe that stickers and pins, while very small can make bold statements. I believe that giving them out do successfully make a point. We don’t often think about their impact, but these small accessories do in fact strongly impact us and the decisions we make.


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