InClass: A Song’s Story

I witnessed pure magic once. It was a Sunday afternoon and I decided to visit my grandfather. He always has a good story to share. His house is full of wonders that he has acquired over the years.

When I arrived, he embraced me with a hug, gave me cookies, and told me he had something amazing to show me. He took me to the attic and brought out a music box. He played it for me and it was beautiful.

The phone rang and my grandfather left the attic to tend to the call. I sat there in amazement of this beautiful music box. This prince and princess twirled together to the melody that the music box played. Oh, how I admired it. Then all of a sudden, the prince and princess began to grow! They started to dance across the attic without a care in the world. They smiled at me and gestured to me to dance with them. It was wonderful. I called for my grandfather. He didn’t hear me. So I ran to get him. I led him to the attic, but when we returned, the music box sat on the floor still spinning.

My grandfather asked what happened. I just told him nothing with a sigh. He turned and laughed a little. But he knew. I know he knew.


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